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The Cookie is a very important concept in a web application. It provides the option to persist the user's data, usually a small piece of information in the browser itself for a limited period.,A Cookie is used to maintain the state of the web application. Zend framework provides a cookie module inside the zend-http component. This zend-http provides the HTTP abstraction and its implementation.,addCookie(uri) − It is used to add a cookie into the request object of the given URI.,reset() − It is used to clear all the cookies in the given URI.

The HTTP component can be easily installed using the Composer as specified in the code below.

composer require zendframework / zend - http
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A Zend\Http\Cookies object is designed to contain and maintain HTTP cookies, and should be used along with Zend\Http\Client in order to manage cookies across HTTP requests and responses.,The class contains an array of Zend\Http\Header\Cookie objects. Cookies can be added automatically from a request or manually. Then, the Cookies class can find and return the cookies needed for a specific HTTP request.,Cookie should be passed either as a Zend\Http\Header\Cookie object or as a string - in which case an object is created from the string.,Create a new Cookies object and automatically load into it all the cookies set in an Http_Response object.fromResponse()

Add a cookie to the class.
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Zend\Http\Client already provides methods for managing cookies for requests; Zend\Http\Cookies manages the parsing of Set-Cookie headers returned in the response, and allows persisting them. Additionally, Cookies can return a subset of cookies that match the current request, ensuring you are only sending relevant cookies.,Zend\Http\Cookies can be used with Zend\Http\Client to manage sending cookies in the request and setting cookies from the response; it is populated from the Set-Cookie headers obtained from a client response, and then used to populate the Cookie headers for a client request. This is highly useful in cases where you need to maintain a user session over consecutive HTTP requests, automatically sending the session ID cookies when required. Additionally, the Zend\Http\Cookies object can be serialized and stored in $_SESSION when needed.,Cookies is an extension of Zend\Http\Headers, and inherits its methods. It can be instantiated without any arguments.,To cache cookies — e.g., to store in $_SESSION, or between job invocations — you will need to serialize them. Zend\Http\Cookies provides this functionality via the getAllCookies() method.

Cookies is an extension of Zend\Http\Headers, and inherits its methods. It can be instantiated without any arguments.

use Zend\ Http\ Cookies;

$cookies = new Cookies();
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Zend_Http_Cookie is just a component to create RFC compatible cookie strings and to test a cookie against a given HTTP request scenario. Its primary purpose is to assist in cookie-scenarios with Zend_Http_Client in the Zend_Http package.,I assume that you're looking for a wrapper set cookies - perhaps compared to Zend_Session. There currently is no such component to assist you with creating cookies (setcookie() is the right way to go). To read cookies you can resort to the appropriate method Zend_Controller_Request_Http::getCookie($key = null, $default = null). ,i want to know if Zend Framework has any class for handling cookies. a class that wraps php's setcookie() function for example. thanks in advance., By clicking “Accept all cookies”, you agree Stack Exchange can store cookies on your device and disclose information in accordance with our Cookie Policy.

If you wan't for example $_COOKIE['foo'] you use

$this - > getRequest() - > getCookie('foo');

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