Windows CE vs Embedded Linux [closed]

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Now I'm sure we're all well aware of the relative merits of Linux vs Windows Desktop. However I've heard much less about the world of embedded development. I'm mainly interested in solutions for industry and am therefore uninterested about the IPhone or Android and more interested in these two OSes.,There are some subjective lists, for example [jQueryMobile gives WinMo 5.2 a grade of "C"1. Basically it's a story of "don't assume anything will be there. Test, test, test.",Performance: Windows CE is real-time. Linux is not. The linux kernel is not designed for determinism at all. There are extensions that you can add to get sort-of real time, but CE beats it.,I would assume that Windows CE wins on tools and Linux wins on both cost and possibly performance. However this is just utter speculation. Does anyone have any facts or experience of the two?

It all depends on how fancy you want to get. The simplest way would be

@echo off
echo ^<HTML^>
   echo ^<BODY^>
      echo ^<pre^>
         systeminfo | findstr /B /C:"OS Name" /C:"OS Version" /C:"OS Manufacturer" /C:"OS Configuration" /C:"OS Build Type" /C:"Original Install Date" /C:"System Boot Time" /C:"System Manufacturer" /C:"System Model" /C:"System Type" /C:"Processor(s)" /C:"BIOS Version" /C:"Windows Directory" /C:"System Directory" /C:"Boot Device" /C:"System Locale" /C:"Input Locale" /C:"Total Physical Memory" /C:"Available Physical Memory" /C:"Virtual Memory: Max Size" /C:"Virtual Memory: Available" /C:"Virtual Memory: In Use" /C:"Domain" /C:"Network Card(s)"
         echo ^</pre^>
      echo ^</BODY^>
   echo ^</HTML^>
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Embedix 1.0 will initially run on Intel x86 and PowerPC processors. It requires a minimum of 8MB of RAM and 3M bytes of read-only memory or flash memory. Bast Inc. in Sonoma, Calif., will use Embedix in set-top boxes designed for hotels and apartment complexes. ,California: Do Not Sell My Personal Info ,California: Do Not Sell My Personal Info | ,Android vs. iOS in the enterprise: IT now has a real choice

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