Which of these 2 database setups should I choose?

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Suggest the database that should be used for read operations for objects of type model.,Suggest the database that should be used for writes of objects of type Model.,And we also want a router that sends all other apps to the primary/replica configuration, and randomly chooses a replica to read from:,ModelAdmin objects have five methods that require customization for multiple-database support:

   'default': {
      'NAME': 'app_data',
      'ENGINE': 'django.db.backends.postgresql',
      'USER': 'postgres_user',
      'PASSWORD': 's3krit'
   'users': {
      'NAME': 'user_data',
      'ENGINE': 'django.db.backends.mysql',
      'USER': 'mysql_user',
      'PASSWORD': 'priv4te'
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For Mendix version 7, you only need to perform these steps if the following are true:,In the database options, the default properties need to be evaluated. When choosing a collation, pay attention to the type of collation you are going to use. Mendix uses UTF-8 for all data evaluation. Depending on your exact locale, you will most likely want to choose one of the SQL_Latin1_General_ collations. The exact encoding will depend on your OS. For an en_US installation, this will be CP1.,You need to replace MySchema with the name of your schema.,You only need to follow these steps if the database user used by Mendix does not have enough permission to create the database for you.

The database schema needs to be configured so that the Read Committed Snapshot and Snapshot Isolation features are enabled. This can be achieved by executing the following commands on the database:


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MySQL Installer extracts configuration files (described later) to the hard drive of the host during the initial setup. Although MySQL Installer is a 32-bit application, it can install both 32-bit and 64-bit binaries. , Choosing one of the following setup types determines the initial installation only and does not limit your ability to install or update MySQL products for Windows later: , Provides the following set operations to proceed: , To resolve the path conflict, do one of the following:

Client only: Only install the most recent MySQL applications and MySQL connectors. This setup type is similar to the Developer Default type, except that it does not include MySQL server or the client programs typically bundled with the server, such as mysql or mysqladmin.

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In this step, you will configure your MySQL database server.,To configure MySQL Server:,Confluence can connect to your database server,Upgrade your MySQL server. 

character - set - server = utf8mb4
collation - server = utf8mb4_bin
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