Updating two table by sequence on mongodb with expressjs

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I am trying to build an app with mern. I wrote 2 routing /api/roles and /api/users like this:,Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience.,To learn more, see our tips on writing great answers.

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Records can be inserted to a collection with insert,callback gets two parameters - an error object (if an error occured) and the record if it was inserted or 1 if the record was updated.,callback is the function to run after the update is done. Has two parameters - error object (if error occured) and the record that was updated.

collection.insert(docs[[, options], callback])
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We can update a single document by calling Collection's updateOne(). updateOne() has two required parameters:,How to update documents using updateOne() with and without upsert as well as updateMany() (24:46​),We have a new document in the listingsAndReviews collection:

1 {
   2 "_id": "10057447", 3 "listing_url": "https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/10057447", 4 "name": "Modern Spacious 1 Bedroom Loft", 5 "summary": "Prime location, amazing lighting and no annoying neighbours.  Good place to rent if you want a relaxing time in Montreal.", 6 "property_type": "Apartment", 7 "bedrooms": {
      "$numberInt": "1"
   }, 8 "bathrooms": {
      "$numberDecimal": "1.0"
   }, 9 "amenities": ["Internet", "Wifi", "Kitchen", "Heating", "Family/kid friendly", "Washer", "Dryer", "Smoke detector", "First aid kit", "Safety card", "Fire extinguisher", "Essentials", "Shampoo", "24-hour check-in", "Hangers", "Iron", "Laptop friendly workspace"], 10
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Updates a single document that matches the .css-rjswxq{font-size:unset;}filter.,If .css-rjswxq{font-size:unset;}returnNewDocument was true, the operation would return the updated document instead.,The operation returns the updated document :

.leafygreen-ui-iokrs{color:inherit;font-size:13px;font-family:'Source Code Pro',Menlo,monospace;line-height:24px;}.leafygreen-ui-1v41da1{border-spacing:0;width:100%;}.leafygreen-ui-7razhx{border-spacing:0;vertical-align:top;padding:0 16px;}db.collection.findOneAndUpdate(   <filter>,   <update document or aggregation pipeline>, // Changed in MongoDB 4.2   {     projection: <document>,     sort: <document>,     maxTimeMS: <number>,     upsert: <boolean>,     returnNewDocument: <boolean>,     collation: <document>,     arrayFilters: [ <filterdocument1>, ... ]   })
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You can update a record, or document as it is called in MongoDB, by using the updateOne() method.,The first parameter of the updateOne() method is a query object defining which document to update.,To update all documents that meets the criteria of the query, use the updateMany() method.

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This alternative in Mongoose called populate() is the process of automatically replacing the specified path (schema ID) in the document, with a document from a different model.,Populated properties are no longer set just their original_id , their value is replaced with the mongoose document returned from the database by performing a separate query before returning the results.,Just like SQL databases, MongoDB has the join-like aggregation that combined to Mongoose lets you reference documents in other collections by reference IDs.

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Adding the capability to connect databases to Express apps is just a matter of loading an appropriate Node.js driver for the database in your app. This document briefly explains how to add and use some of the most popular Node.js modules for database systems in your Express app:,These database drivers are among many that are available. For other options, search on the npm site.,Resources Community Glossary Template Engines Middleware Utility modules Frameworks Companies using Express Open-source projects Additional learning Contributing to Express Release Change Log

$ npm install cassandra - driver
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