Reactstrap Dropdown unable to capture data

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I am trying to do a dropdown where I can choose a car and block out days. So far I am able to choose the car, and have days disabled. However, when I hit the button, the data is not being captured.,I have tried checking through a console log. and I am able to capture data, but it just doesn't translate on the main function, How do you follow an animated object without using the camera

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toggle - callback for toggling isOpen in the controlling component,isOpen - current state for items like dropdown, popover, tooltip,tag - customize component output by passing in an element name or Component

Install reactstrap and peer dependencies via NPM

npm install--save reactstrap react react - dom
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components: UncontrolledDrownDown,On clicking the dropdown button, the dropdown menu should appear.,On clicking the dropdown button in the UncontrolledDropdown component, an unhandled exception is raised and the dropdown menu does not appear.

Uncaught TypeError: this.context.toggle is not a
at ProxyComponent.onClick(DropdownToggle.js: 59)
at ProxyComponent.onClick(react - hot - loader.development.js: 693)
at ProxyComponent.onClick(Button.js: 52)
at ProxyComponent.onClick(react - hot - loader.development.js: 693)
at HTMLUnknownElement.callCallback(react - dom.development.js: 100)
at Object.invokeGuardedCallbackDev(react - dom.development.js: 138)
at Object.invokeGuardedCallback(react - dom.development.js: 187)
at Object.invokeGuardedCallbackAndCatchFirstError(react - dom.development.js: 201)
at executeDispatch(react - dom.development.js: 461)
at executeDispatchesInOrder(react - dom.development.js: 483)
at executeDispatchesAndRelease(react - dom.development.js: 581)
at executeDispatchesAndReleaseTopLevel(react - dom.development.js: 592)
at forEachAccumulated(react - dom.development.js: 562)
at runEventsInBatch(react - dom.development.js: 723)
at runExtractedEventsInBatch(react - dom.development.js: 732)
at handleTopLevel(react - dom.development.js: 4477)
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After the onSelect event has been set to watch for a selection of value, the next step is to store that dynamic data somewhere. To do so, an event handler or a simple JavaScript function is invoked every time the event is triggered, and the data is extracted using the event object. In this case, it becomes even simpler using props. ,Try selecting another value and notice how the DOM responds to the state changes to dynamically show the selected value.,Next, attach a handleSelect function that fires when the onSelect function is triggered. Place this event as a prop inside the DropdownButton component and create a handleSelect function, which takes in the event object and logs it to the console.

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