Is there a code coverage tool that works with manual testing?

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OK – looks like it sort of works. But are there test cases we forgot? Let’s look at what code coverage tells us.,Oops! Remember – just because the code is “covered”, it doesn’t mean it’s tested. Please don’t forget that (and don’t let your managers forget either).,Would love to hear how you check code coverage of manual testing, actually. Is that just “feature coverage” (break it up into logical blocks and test those)?,Are there any tools that you can recommend that do this for PHP websites? I have only seen a tool like this that is part of Visual Studio.

c: \example > calul8r.exe
for example:
   calcul8r 4 2 +

   c: \example > calul8r.exe 2 3 +
   The result of 2 + 3 is 5

c: \example > calul8r.exe 4 2 -
   The result of 4 - 2 is 2

c: \example > calul8r.exe 5 5 *
   The result of 5 * 5 is 25

c: \example > calul8r.exe 15 3 /
   The result of 15 / 3 is 5
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