How to secure firebase config in React [duplicate]

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I currently have a React app using Firebase authentication & uses Firestore as the database. , Are the sharps and flats in key signatures the same as passing tones? ,Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search.

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IAP External Identities Support with FirebaseUI,For v1.0.0 and superior:,Latest:

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Once you’ve finished reading, you’ll understand how to set up Firebase, how to connect it to your React app and how to deploy the result.,Firebase is really useful for places where you don’t want to create and maintain a separate back-end application, or where you want real-time data without investing too much time developing your APIs.,In this tutorial, we’ll be using Firebase along with Create React App to build an application that will function similarly to Reddit. It will allow the user to submit a new post that can then be voted on. I’ll also demonstrate how to deploy our Reddit clone to Vercel.

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import firebase from 'firebase/app'

// Optionally import the services that you want to use
//import "firebase/auth";
//import "firebase/database";
//import "firebase/firestore";
//import "firebase/functions";
//import "firebase/storage";

// Initialize Firebase
const firebaseConfig = {
   apiKey: 'api-key',
   authDomain: '',
   databaseURL: '',
   projectId: 'project-id',
   storageBucket: '',
   messagingSenderId: 'sender-id',
   appId: 'app-id',
   measurementId: 'G-measurement-id',

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Android - Check to make sure you don't have another push notification plugin/SDK in your app as it could be trying to parse the OneSignal notification, showing it twice. Our Android SDKs prevent duplicate notifications by checking the notification payload for OneSignal specific data.,On Android, our notification payload contains a “custom” key with a nested “i” value. If the notification payload received does not contain this, our SDK will not process the notification.,Since Web Push subscriptions are tied to the user's browser profile and site origin, when you send a notification from the OneSignal App ID, it will show a notification per origin the user is subscribed under.

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You need to perform some additional steps to configure Firebase for iOS. Follow this documentation to set it up.,To focus more on the authentication module, you can clone the starter code from this repository on GitHub. Follow the Repository’s README for instructions.,We set up the authentication module and enabled phone number authentication in our project.

cd android && . / gradlew signingReport
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