How to pass params from a previous screen to my current screen in React Navigation?

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Try this in your ScreenB. const screenALoading = props.navigation.state.params.loading; – Anurodh Singh Mar 10 '20 at 17:15 ,Since I only want to do further navigations to ScreenB, if loading changes, it's important to add loading as a dependency of useEffect.,On Screen A, there is a value to keep track of loading of a GraphQL mutation. I want to pass that loading value to Screen B. My problem is that when I try to pass that value as a param to Screen B using navigation.navigate(ScreenB, { loading }), the value of loading does not update - it always remains as whatever the value was at the moment that navigation.navigate was invoked.

In order to update loading on Screen B after having switched from Screen A, I call navigation.navigate again with the updated value but only after having switched to ScreenB.

const [navigatedToScreenB, toggleNavigatedToScreenB] = useState<boolean>(false);

useEffect(() => {
  if(navigatedToScreenB) {
   navigation.navigate(ScreenB, { loading });
}, [loading])
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 Pretag team - issue, fix, solve, resolve

 Pretag team - issue, fix, solve, resolve

Get smarter at building your thing,I recently published an article on how to set up a basic navigator using the react-navigation 5.x library. React-Navigation is a fantastic way to add navigtion to a React-Native applicaiton. It allows us to safely travel between screens and keep a history if where we were before. However, in any…

 Pretag team - issue, fix, solve, resolve

Here, in this post, we will learn to set or pass the id from one route to another route and also look at how to access the navigation prop via various methods.,Finally, React Native Stack Navigation 5.0 tutorial is over, in this tutorial, we learned how to simply pass and get the route parameters from one screen to another screen. I hope you liked this tutorial, please share this tutorial with others.,In the earlier tutorial, we have explained each and every step on how to create React Native Stack Navigation? tutorial. Check out the tutorial if you haven’t checked out yet.

sudo npm i - g create - react - native - app

Create a brand new React Native App using the below command.

create - react - native - app reactNativeNavigation

Go inside the project directory.

cd reactNativeNavigation
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navigation send data to screens.,Can someone please tell me correct way to do this., Java Questions

const onSelectCountry = item => {

navigation.navigate('SelectionScreen', {
   onSelect: onSelectCountry
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