How to make double click instead of single click to open file in angular

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Bind to the click event, AngularJS event-based directives do not exist in Angular, Rather, define one-way binding from the template view to the component using event binding

Example_snippet/controller/utility/_instead.js/ Your favorite her. . .
      Your favorite hero is: {
load more v

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Example_snippet/controller/utility/_instead.js/ { "minify": true, "classPr. . .
   "minify": true,
   "classPrefix": "mod-",
   "options": [
   "feature-detects": [
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I have got same issue and need to be single click instead of Double click when create/edit event, ,Here's a modified version of the dojo example, which demonstrates how to extract information about the resource the clicked slot belongs to and pass that data to the addEvent method

Example_snippet/controller/utility/_instead.js/ var slotResource = scheduler.r. . .
var slotResource = scheduler.resourcesBySlot(scheduler.slotByElement($(target[0])));
var attendees = slotResource.attendees.slice();

   start: slot.startDate,
   end: slot.endDate,
   roomId: slotResource.roomId,
   attendees: attendees
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Whenever I will click on plus icon it is opening the finder, But I want to open the finder only when i will double click on the icon

Example_snippet/controller/utility/_instead.js/ <input-file (click)="click($ev. . .
<input-file (click)="click($event)" (dblclick)="openFolder($event)" placeholder="Drop files below!">
Step 2 continued with yet:boolean=false; //A varia. . .
  yet: boolean = false; //A variable
  openFolder($event) {
     //create a mouseEvent 
     let event = new MouseEvent('click', {
        view: window,
        bubbles: true,
        cancelable: true
     this.yet = true; //equal variable to true
     var cancelled = !$;
     this.yet = false; //return the value to false
  click($event) {
     if (!this.yet) //If variable is false
        return false;
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Basically, the directive of ng-dblclick will be telling the AngularJS what exactly the HTML or the HTML elements need to do when it is double-clicked, However, it is not going to be overriding the original ondblclick event of the element, as both of them are going to be executed

Example_snippet/controller/utility/_single.js/ <element ng-dblclick="expressi. . .
<element ng-dblclick="expression"> </element>