How to integrate sqlite extensions in XAMPP?

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That’s all and hope you got an idea how to configure PHP 7 and SQLite3 in Windows environment.,In this tutorial I am going to show you how to configure PHP 7 and SQLite3 in Windows environment. By default SQLite3 extension comes with PHP 5.3.0 or higher version of PHP. So you don’t need to download it. SQLite3 is not enabled by default in Windows environment. So you must enable it before you use it.,Configure PHP 7 and SQlite3 in Windows,Configure Codeigniter 3.1 and SQLite3 in Windows

Open php.ini file under <php installation directory>/php-7.4.3 and make sure to have the following lines exactly in the same way. You will find that the following lines already exist in the file but you need to uncomment and update the values.

extension_dir = "<php installation directory>/php-7.4.3/ext"
   sqlite3.extension_dir = "<php installation directory>/php-7.4.3/ext"
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SQLite3::loadExtension — Attempts to load an SQLite extension library,SQLite3::backup — Backup one database to another database,SQLite3::version — Returns the SQLite3 library version as a string constant and as a number,SQLite3::busyTimeout — Sets the busy connection handler

To enable CURL and SQLITE3 on Windows with PHP 7.4 edit httpd.conf and php.ini as below: httpd.conf: # load php.ini from chosen directoryPHPIniDir "${SRVROOT}/php"
# load PHP 7.4 on Windows LoadModule php7_module "${SRVROOT}/php/php7apache2_4.dll"
# load CURL on WindowsLoadFile "${SRVROOT}/php/libssh2.dll"
# load SQLITE3 on WindowsLoadFile "${SRVROOT}/php/libsqlite3.dll"
php.ini: extension = curlextension = pdo_sqliteextension = sqlite3Now CURL and SQLITE3 are enabled and working fine on Windows on PHP 7.4.
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This post guides you how to enable/install SQLite3 on Windows (XAMPP, WAMP, etc.), Linux, and Mac OS X.,– Frist, open your php.ini file. You can find it within your web server folder or via its application GUI, for example:, Windows CMD – Set JAVA_HOME Variable Using Command Prompt , VirtualBox – How To Increase/Decrease Size of .VDI Disk on Windows

– Then find and change the following:

extension = sqlite3
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