How to fix tinker color text?

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Stack Overflow for Teams Where developers & technologists share private knowledge with coworkers ,Thanks for contributing an answer to Stack Overflow!,I Uninstall Vscode completely with all appdata and extensions and anything related to that but nothing changed after install latest version the tinker color is still white,When i enter php artisan tinker the tinker text isn't as always i remember the color was blue but now its white. also after use php artisan migrate and etc commands the result texts is white

according this file you can create a file ~/.config/psysh/config.php and enter the color mode you like:

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return ['colorMode' => Psy\ Configuration::COLOR_MODE_AUTO];

Tinker is not using colors, all the text is white only, this issue happened when I installed a latest version of Laravel ( 8.47.0 ), I went to try some oldest versions of Laravel ( 8.46.0 and older ) tinker worked fine, text was colored fine, what should we do?,Since this is now closed, while i personally think it should be open while we keep track of it and until it gets fixed here's a simple quickfix for people encountering this. Simply run tinker like this:, The text was updated successfully, but these errors were encountered: ,As of the latest Symfony, the built-in --ansi option is defined as "negatable". So if you don't explicitly specify --ansi, it acts like you've implicitly specified --no-ansi. So when PsySH tries to figure out whether you want color or not, the latest Symfony lies and says you don't.

composer create - project laravel / laravel.
load more v

Text widgets have advanced options for editing a text with multiple lines and format the display settings of that text example font, text color, background color. We can also use tabs and marks for locating and editing sections of data. We can also use images in the text and insert borders as well. And everything can be formatted as per the requirements. ,Example 1 : In first example we will add a tag to a section of text by specifying the indices and highlight the selected text. Here, we are using tag_add and tag_config. ,Example 2 : In this example, user can highlight text as per their wish by selecting the text to be highlighted. Here, we are using tag_configure and tag_add.  ,Before selecting the text and hitting the highlight button :


Text widgets provide advanced capabilities that allow you to edit a multiline text and format the way it has to be displayed, such as changing its color and font.,This option controls the display of lines that are too wide. Set wrap=WORD and it will break the line after the last word that will fit. With the default behavior, wrap=CHAR, any line that gets too long will be broken at any character.,The color used for text (and bitmaps) within the widget. You can change the color for tagged regions; this option is just the default.,You can also use elegant structures like tabs and marks to locate specific sections of the text, and apply changes to those areas. Moreover, you can embed windows and images in the text because this widget was designed to handle both plain and formatted text.

Here is the simple syntax to create this widget −

w = Text(master, option, ...)
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