How Linux scheduler schedules processes on multi-core processors?

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In our experiments, these performance bugs caused many-fold performance degradation for synchronization-heavy scientific applications, 13% higher latency for kernel make, and a 14-23% decrease in TPC-H throughput for a widely used commercial database. ,The Linux Scheduler: a Decade of Wasted Cores – Lozi et al. 2016, Our experience motivated us to build new tools, using which we could productively confirm the bugs and understand why they occur. ,The fix improved performance by 22.2% on the 18th query of TPC-H, and by 13.2% on the full TPC-H workload.

When a thread belongs to a cgroup, its load is further divided by the total number of threads in its cgroup. This feature was later extended to automatically assign processes that belong to different ttys to different cgroups (autogroup feature).

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