How change search operator in search feature in sugarcrm module

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I have trouble with search feature in sugarcrm modules, I always use %-sign in field box example: %john to show search result, i need only john not %john,Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search., Please explain the behavior of these parameter expansions using IFS? ,Please be sure to answer the question. Provide details and share your research!

I was edit my file at /modules/Accounts/Account.php at method:

function build_generic_where_clause($the_query_string) {
   $where_clauses = Array();
   $the_query_string = $GLOBALS['db'] - > quote($the_query_string);
   array_push($where_clauses, " like '%$the_query_string%' ");

   if (is_numeric($the_query_string)) {
      array_push($where_clauses, "accounts.phone_alternate like '%$the_query_string%'");
      array_push($where_clauses, "accounts.phone_fax like '%$the_query_string%'");
      array_push($where_clauses, "accounts.phone_office like '%$the_query_string%'");
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SuiteCRM Elasticsearch engine makes use of Elasticsearch’s Query String DSL. This allows very advanced search query to be performed., Set up Elasticsearch integration , Search Framework Overview Creating a Custom SearchEngine ,Search for all the Users:

John AND Doe
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