HMR in core with React

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We can use Create React App Configuration Override (@craco/craco) along with craco-plugin-react-hot-reload CRACO plugin to add HMR without ejecting the CRA application.,Install craco-plugin-react-hot-reload npm i -D craco-plugin-react-hot-reload ,Add craco-plugin-react-hot-reload into craco.config.js

npm i - D craco - plugin - react - hot - reload
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aspnetcore , webpack , typescript

app.UseWebpackDevMiddleware(new WebpackDevMiddlewareOptions {
   HotModuleReplacement = true
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You also need to accept hot modules in your app code.,Hot Module Replacement allows to add, change or delete app module when application is running. Page reloading is not needed in this case., Add Hot Module Replacement (HMR)

Simply update configuration of UseWebpackDevMiddleware with new options:

app.UseWebpackDevMiddleware(new WebpackDevMiddlewareOptions() {
   ConfigFile = "webpack.config.js", //this is defualt value
      HotModuleReplacement = true,
      ReactHotModuleReplacement = true, //for React only

Hot module replacement (HMR) or hot loading is a feature of webpack allowing real time update of modules while the application is running, which could significantly speed up development., webpack-hot-middleware and react-hot-loader are packages to support hot module replacement.,Replace app.UseWebpackDevMiddleware() with the following code:

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 Pretag team - issue, fix, solve, resolve

Hot Module Replacement,One of the primary benefits of configuring HMR is that you can quickly prototype changes to your client code without having to reload the browser or restart the web server. ASP.NET Core's webpack middleware will automatically start a watcher process to live-reload your changes., TypeScript 6.8%

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using Microsoft.AspNetCore.SpaServices.Webpack;  ,In this article, you will learn about Hot Module Replacement feature of Webpack in ASP.NET Core.,To add SPA services in the project, open the NuGet Package Manager and search for Microsoft.AspNetCore.SpaServices,

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Create a new ASP.NET Core Web Application project and use the React.js and Redux template. Use .NET Core and ASP.NET Core 3.0 settings also., Ask questionscreate-react-app 3.3 breaks HMR and linting ,create-react-app 3.3 was released today with support for typescript 3.7.0 features. After updating react-scripts to 3.3.0 and typescript to 3.7.3, HMR and linting stopped working. If I run npm run start from the command line, everything works as normal. This functionality stopped working when running through visual studio launching the web page via spa.UseReactDevelopmentServer(npmScript: "start").

.NET Core SDK(reflecting any global.json):
   Version: 3.1 .100
Commit: cd82f021f4

Runtime Environment:
   OS Name: Windows
OS Version: 10.0 .18362
OS Platform: Windows
RID: win10 - x64
Base Path: C: \Program Files\ dotnet\ sdk\ 3.1 .100\

      for support):
   Version: 3.1 .0
Commit: 65 f04fb6db

Update webpack with Babel using the next code and rebuild the app:,Now everything should work as intended.,Now debug the app and you will see, that everything works:

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