Heroku push failing with Create-React-App

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I'm trying to deploy my create-react-app using Heroku. When I do git push heroku master, the build fails. This is the error log: , Trigger order for sacrificing creatures , Advertising Reach developers & technologists worldwide

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Create the Heroku app,Find the app on your dashboard.,Heroku Private Spaces

npx create - react - app @3.x $APP_NAME
heroku create $APP_NAME--buildpack mars / create - react - app
git push heroku master
heroku open
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Your Node.js deploy failed - now what? Start with these simple steps to troubleshoot a build issue.,Troubleshooting Node.js Deploys,Heroku apps will not bind to just any port that your app is set up with. Apps should use the Node process to bind to a port.

To find out, run:

$ heroku buildpacks
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Heroku lets you build, run, and scale applications in a similar manner across all the languages.,Heroku is a cloud Platform as a Service for managing applications. Using Heroku, you can deploy, run, and manage applications written in a number of programming languages: Ruby, Node.js, Java, Python, Clojure, Scala, Go, and PHP.,Now you can click on the Deploy Branch button to initiate deployment. Heroku will start fetching and installing packages.

In case you want to have specific node and npm versions, you can mention them in your package.json as follows:

"engines": {
   "node": "10.17.0",
   "npm": "6.11.3"

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Sometimes npm run build works locally but fails during deploy via Heroku. Following are the most common cases.,Now, after you create a production build with npm run build, you can deploy it by running firebase deploy.,Resolving Heroku Deployment Errors

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Note: Make sure all the commands shown below must run only inside your project folder.,Already created a React app.,Step 7: Now run the following commands to push your project to the repository.

Step 1: Install Heroku CLI in your system by running the following command. It will install the updated version of Heroku CLI into your system.

curl https: //cli-assets.heroku.com/install-ubuntu.sh | sh
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Anytime you make changes to your app and want to re-deploy the only commands you need to run are:,This step explains itself, we need to sign up for Heroku before we can do any deployment. So head over to Heroku and sign up. Once you signed up make sure you head over to your email and confirm your account.,heroku create (You should see two links after running this command. Copy the second one)

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