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JavaScript is one of the most popular modern web technologies! As your JavaScript skills grow, your websites will enter a new dimension of power and creativity,,Important: In this article, try entering the example code lines into your JavaScript console to see what happens

Example_snippet/controller/utility/_hello.js/ <script src="scripts/main.js">. . .
<script src="scripts/main.js"></script>
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Another way to display a Hello World message is using the alert method, This method displays a dialog box with a message, which you pass as an argument to it

Example_snippet/controller/utility/_hello.js/ index.html. . .
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This part of the tutorial is about core JavaScript, the language itself,,Help to translate the content of this tutorial to your language!,The JavaScript language,This attribute was meant to show the language of the script

Example_snippet/controller/utility/_hello.js/ <!DOCTYPE HTML> <html> <body>. . .


   <p>Before the script...</p>

      alert('Hello, world!');

   <p>...After the script.</p>


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Printing Hello World In order to print the famous ‘Hello World’ sentence to the screen, we can make use of different methods that javascript provides, Most common are: ,Each of the above method have different ways of outputting the content

Example_snippet/controller/utility/_world.js/ Hello World. . .
Hello World

console,log() is used in debugging the code

Example_snippet/controller/utility/_world.js/ // the hello world program con. . .
// the hello world program
console.log('Hello World');
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