Error using Tensorflow after updating Spyder 5.0.0 and Anaconda navigator

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spyder does not launch with anaconda navigator but launch when I use in command at terminal mode,What steps will reproduce the problem?,However now Anaconda Navigator doesnt launch, This is the error i get when I run it,Spyder doesn't launch what to do

Example_snippet/controller/utility/_using.js/ spyder --reset . . .
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Example_snippet/controller/utility/_using.js/ conda install -c anaconda spyd. . .
conda install - c anaconda spyder
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After that, open Anaconda Navigator,,Windows [Anaconda + Spyder + TensorFlow 2

Example_snippet/controller/utility/_error.js/ import tensorflow as tf. . .
import tensorflow as tf

Hello I updated my installation of Anaconda3 and Spyder to v5,0

Example_snippet/controller/utility/_error.js/ HDF5 Version: 1. . .
               HDF5 Version: 1.10 .5
               Configured on: 2019 - 03 - 04
               Configured by: Visual Studio 15 2017 Win64
               Host system: Windows - 10.0 .17763
               Uname information: Windows
               Byte sex: little - endian
               Installation point: C: /Program Files/HDF5
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