Cant display value from array in graphql query using React

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Stack Overflow Public questions & answers , Can I avoid informal personal interactions at companies that offer free lunch? ,Im using React with Apollo on the frontend and i'm having trouble displaying the title and the id of the array likes. Im iterating using the method .map over the tracks array and i can access all the values in it except the values stored in the array likes. Here is the code which explains it better then words i guess :)

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We can execute the mutation with using inline arguments or if you prefer with using variables,This creates a special type. When using only a list modifier we are allowed to return a null value from the resolver. We can even combine the items in the array to contain null values as in this array:,We should retrieve this data and obtain users as a list.

git clone git atherosai / graphql - gateway - apollo - express.git
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Used in conjunction with the notifyOnNetworkStatusChange option.,A number indicating the current network state of the query's associated request. See possible values.,If true, the in-progress query's associated component re-renders whenever the network status changes or a network error occurs.

import {
} from '@apollo/client';
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The first piece of functionality we’ll implement in the app is loading and displaying a list of Link elements. We’ll walk up our way in the React component hierarchy and start with the component that will render a single link.,This is a simple React component that expects a link in its props and renders the link’s description and url. Easy as pie! 🍰,data: This is the actual data that was received from the server. It has the links property which represents a list of Link elements.

   feed {
      links {
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It can get a bit tedious closing all of those objects and arrays, but the goal is to match the data structure exactly how you would expect to get it back from the server.,The first approach to mocking this GraphQL query is to use something called a MockedProvider. What it basically does is looks for a specific query, and, when it sees that query, uses a predefined response. You end up with an array of mocks, each with a request and its corresponding result.,We will be working with Shopify's Storefront GraphQL API to show some products along with each product's images. The query to fetch this data looks like:

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A powerful JavaScript GraphQL client, designed to work well with React, React Native, Angular 2, or just plain JavaScript.,Then run node server.js with this code in server.js:,Then run node hello.js with this code in hello.js:

To run a GraphQL.js hello world script from the command line:

npm install graphql

Then run node hello.js with this code in hello.js:

var {
} = require('graphql');
var schema = buildSchema(`  type Query {    hello: String  }`);
var root = {
   hello: () => 'Hello world!'
graphql(schema, '{ hello }', root).then((response) => {
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In this article, we will be dealing only with query and mutation operations.,In this article, we will look at a selection of these features.,Operation names There are unique names for your client-side query and mutation operations.

import React, {useState} from 'react'
import gql from 'graphql-tag'
import { useQuery, useMutation } from '@apollo/react-hooks'
import PetsList from '../components/PetsList'
import NewPetModal from '../components/NewPetModal'
import Loader from '../components/Loader'

const GET_PETS = gql`
  query getPets {
    pets {

export default function Pets () {
  const [modal, setModal] = useState(false)
  const { loading, error, data } = useQuery(GET_PETS);

  if (loading) return <Loader />;

  if (error) return <p>An error occured!</p>;

  const onSubmit = input => {

  if (modal) {
    return <NewPetModal onSubmit={onSubmit} onCancel={() => setModal(false)} />
  return (
    <div className="page pets-page">
        <div className="row betwee-xs middle-xs">
          <div className="col-xs-10">
          <div className="col-xs-2">
            <button onClick={() => setModal(true)}>new pet</button>
        <PetsList pets={data.pets}/>
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In this tutorial, you will learn how to implement a simple GraphQL server and query the data from a React Native app.,The final step in implementing the GraphQL server is to bring everything together. Create a server/index.js file and add the following:,graphql-tag - used for parsing GraphQL queries into a format understood by the Apollo client.

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Import your new styles into your Layout component and apply them to the site title paragraph you added.,Add a link to your new blog page to the navigation bar in your Layout component:,Here’s a brief outline of the process for adding useStaticQuery to pull data into your building-block components:

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