Cannot understand how background-image url works in Gatsby.js

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according to the structure, in order to reach the background image I need a url like this,The background image showed up magically. , Stack Overflow Public questions & answers

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It has all the advantages of gatsby-image, including the “blur-up” technique or a ”traced placeholder” SVG to show a preview of the image while it loads, plus having AVIF support (with the help of gbimage-bridge)! plus being usable as a container (no more hacks with extra wrappers) plus being able to work with multiple stacked background images plus being able to style with Tailwind CSS and suchlike Frameworks,As gatsby-background-image may be used with multiple backgrounds, including CSS strings like rgba() or suchlike this is what a component using it might look like:,Import gatsby-background-image and use it in place of the built-in div or suchlike containers.

npm install--save gatsby - background - image
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By using GraphQL queries, you can use the Gatsby Image API to take care of you can learn more about in the How To Build a Website with CSS series. import React from "react" import { Link } from "gatsby" import Layout from ". In this file, you will find the plugins responsible for processing images.,In this section, you will learn how to easily style your Gatsby site using CSS. Along the way, you Note: If you are not comfortable with SASS, feel free to use the regular CSS styles. We need to add a background image to the header section.,Description When trying to use a background image in CSS (or Sass, be correct as the image is relative to the root in the Gatsby site in pu.

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Make sure you've included the extra font-family declaration in your CSS (see above),How to tweak the object-fit/object-position values?,@fk Thanks for the polyfill! As of Oct 16, Edge supports object-fit/object-position, but IE11 still needs some help.

<div class="gatsby-image-outer-wrapper">
   <div class="gatsby-image-wrapper">
      <!-- Placeholder (hidden after main image loads) -->
      <img style="...object-fit: cover; object-position: center center;">
      <!-- Main image -->
      <img style="...object-fit: cover; object-position: center center;">
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I cant see your file structure but the import will need to be relative to the file you are working in.,I’m not certain in this one but I’ve had to use require for background images in react a lot of the time. May want to give that a try and see if that helps?,It seems that it's looking for the image in your styles directory

One fix for this is to import the image at the top of the file and then refer to that import in the background image url

import image from "src/images/home/blog-bg.png"

<div style={{backgroundImage: `url(${image})`}}> </div>
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It will help to be comfortable with building websites with HTML, and styling with CSS, which you can learn more about in the How To Build a Website with CSS series., Step 2 — Querying Images with GraphQL ,In this tutorial, you are going to compress, transform, and style images using the Gatsby Image API and GraphQL queries.

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Note: If using layout="fill", ensure the parent element uses position: relative.,Image Optimization can be enabled via the <Image /> component exported by next/image.,When responsive, the image will scale the dimensions down for smaller viewports and scale up for larger viewports. Note: the responsive layout may not work correctly if the parent element uses a display value other than block such as display: flex or display: grid.

We can serve an optimized image like so:

import Image from 'next/image'
import profilePic from '../public/me.png'

function Home() {
  return (
      <h1>My Homepage</h1>
      <Image src={profilePic} alt="Picture of the author" />
      <p>Welcome to my homepage!</p>

export default Home
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