Cache_wsdl constant meanings

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Further research.. Try setting these in php.ini

soap.wsdl_cache_dir[/temp] # make sure this folder is writeable by php (if using disk cache)
      # otherwise give the web server access to it # check what webserver has
      for user
      for example _www or www - data # Example on MAC:
      # chown - R $(whoami): _www / temp

      soap.wsdl_cache_ttl[seconds] # Time To Live, how long it is cached

Here's a short explanation of the configuration directives., Enables or disables the WSDL caching feature. , Runtime Configuration , Sets the directory name where the SOAP extension will put cache files.

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Definition at line 149 of file Client.php.,Definition at line 141 of file Client.php.,Definition at line 114 of file Client.php.,Definition at line 1214 of file Client.php.

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The WS-Security implementation of Spring Web Services provides integration with Spring Security. This means you can use your existing Spring Security configuration for your SOAP service as well.,In addition to this list, you can use any type that can be converted from a String by a Spring 3 conversion service.,1.1.4. Reuses your Spring expertise,Creates an error in the response connection. This method gives you the opportunity to test your error handling.

<simpleType name="AirportCode">
   <restriction base="string">
      <pattern value="[A-Z][A-Z][A-Z]" />
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